How can I become a Web developer at home?

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    The web development field is not only exciting on a precursor to the digital era but also it is a growing field. This article explains how to become a Web Developer, What Skills are Needed. If you are searching for web development in Dhaka, Pixel DTS will be your right solution. It is one of the best web development company in Bangladesh.

    What do you need?
    • Front -end coding knowledge: HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap
    • Ability to debug front-end site issues using inspector tools
    • Experience in creating responsive cross-browser and mobile friendly website
    • A keen interest in the latest trends and frameworks
    • A portfolio that lets us see your development experience and achievement
    If you have previous agency experience, that’s great – but don’t worry if not – some client would be more interested in your work examples or portfolio.

    How could you really impress your clients? (Desirable skills)
    • Knowledge of developing WordPress themes from scratch
    • Confidence in setting up and integrating WordPress plugins
    • An understanding jQuery
    • Some experience of working with PHP (however small)
    • An understanding of Search Engine Optimization
    You can look through a few similar job adverts and find the requirements that appear often. These will likely be:
    • Front end knowledge: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
    • Ability to create responsive websites
    • A portfolio demonstrating your experience and skills
    • Understanding of version control
    Other bonus skills might be:
    • Javascript libraries: jQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap
    • Debugging knowledge

    Web developers are the pioneers of the Internet age. The websites we browse, the gifts we order and the information we find online can be made by web developers who design, build and implement internet websites. They are widely involved in creating websites, such as layout and color design for aesthetic considerations such as a website designed to handle specific Internet traffic.

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